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Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo FL2 On the Way! – Day 2

With the aerokit yet to be installed, the top priority of the second day in Shanghai is to bolt on the kit to the car. So right after sunrise, the crew went straight on to Shanghai International Circuit and collected the much-awaited FL2 upgrade before heading to the pits.

But fitting this new aerokit is not as easy as one might expect as it needed more than just screwdrivers and spanners to get the job done. Take the front cooling ducts for example, since the new kit offers an improved cooling for the front brakes, the crew needed to saw off certain parts on the front hood to fit in the new air ducts.

Now armed with saw and drills, the transformation to the FL2 is now underway.

These are the parts that will be going out. Do you think Lamborghini will agree if we ask them to at least “donate” the wing? It’ll definitely look good on our office.

Obviously fitting these parts gives no room for a male’s ego, and one could not escape from referring to the manual to find out which goes where, and how to bolt them on.

The process of fitting the kit is quite time consuming and certainly could not be done overnight when there is only two crews working on it, but we could definitely see the new FL2 taking shape.

Right after they tried the new rear bumper and spoiler on the car…

…the shark-like front bumper was installed, giving it an all-new menacing look.

The crew also proceeded in putting up the sponsor stickers, who had helped a lot in making this trip possible. And while the stickering process was taking place…

…we were given a surprise with the arrival of the second driver. Carrying a vast experience in racing and multiple wins under his belt, it sure is a pleasure having Sri Lankan race driver Dilantha Malagamuwa fighting alongside with the team.

Also a veteran in driving his dark blue Lamborghini LP560 GT3, taming the Super Trofeo monster should not be much of a major task for him.

Unfortunately the FL2 aerokit needs more than two man power to get it fully fitted in one day, and the crew needed to get their rest as the next day holds the first unofficial practice session for the Bulls.

How will the FXPrimus Aylezo’s race machine looks like when completed? We will bring the progress of the build shortly on Day 3!


Team FXPrimus Aylezo would like to extend their greatest appreciation to everyone who had helped in making this journey possible, especially FXPrimus, JH Italia, Ecotint, Ninetology, Fuchs Titan, TACTIX and Motorsport Playground.