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TIMETOATTACK 2012 Round 3 – The Preview!

As the name suggests, TIMETOATTACK’s main highlight might be the endless rows of serious time-shavers from both Malaysia and Singapore making their pilgrimage to Sepang International Circuit, making count of every single millisecond available. While the main course is already a juicy and tender treat to petrolheads and spectators alike, the appetizers and dessert are also the ones that made the whole course an unforgettable treat, especially for the final round of 2012.

For the first time ever, TIMETOATTACK had brought the stance community into solidarity at Malaysia’s motorsport playground with the EPICSTANCE Car Culture meet. In a scene where there are no rights or wrongs, and where there are no specific guidelines on the color choices, ride heights or parts fitted, the inaugural EPICSTANCE meet had perfectly displayed how the movement had taken the world by storm as it allows one to express their personal taste and identity in style.

The guys at Conemasters had been supporting TIMETOATTACK since Round 1 back in May, and having them again treating the spectators with the millimeter-perfect gymkhana skills is just the best way to wrap up 2012 with. Let it rain or shine, these guys stop at nothing and will always continue to wow the spectators with the abrupt handbrake turns, filling the atmosphere with the unmistakable sound of screeching tires and the smell of burnt rubber.

With 2012 seeing a lot of new and remarkable cars entering the market like the Toyota 86, the question of “Which is going to be the car of the year?” can finally meet its answer as Autocar ASEAN brings their 2012 Car of The Year Awards down to Sepang International Circuit. So if you are looking for the best sedan, SUV or hybrid from 2012, then you better stay tuned as we will bring to you the highlights of the awards.

Further setting a strong ground as one of the best time attack event in Malaysia, TIMETOATTACK continues to attract tonnes of familiar faces and lots of newcomers, all pumped up and ready to break the records and become the fastest man and machine to have blitzed around Sepang International Circuit. Neverland’s tangy McLaren MP4-12C does not seem to be satisfied with its Round 2 record, and is back with a vengeance along with its twin from the dark side. But their journey to the top is not an easy one as there are plenty more mean entries like ST Wangan’s widebody Evo and LHB Motorsport’s carbon-clad GT-R, also gunning up for the top spots.

Can the twin-turbo British supercar set a whole new record on the Hall of Fame? Or will the stripped-down, steroid-pumped Japanese rockets hold the spot once more? We will find out soon enough when we move on to the results of the 2012 TIMETOATTACK Round 3. But for the time being, we would like to throw out a big and heartfelt thank you to all the sponsors, participants and the spectators in making the three rounds of 2012 TIMETOATTACK into a great and remarkable success!