MMER 2012 – Into the Night

As the first six hours of the MMER gave the race drivers the luxury to push their cars to the limit with the sun above their heads, they would now have to deal with the second part of the race where the darkness looms in and turning the race into a whole different game. The track that once you knew becomes a whole different world, guided only by the headlights that swaths a path of light into the darkness of the night.

Even so, the Clearwater Racing Team still soldiers on in their Ferrari 458 Italia GT3, defending the lead position in the race with 158 laps. The PETRONAS SYNTIUM Team’s SLS duo however is not giving up without a fight as they follow in closely to Clearwater’s Italia with just a lap below them. And like mentioned before, anything could happen during the next half, so it might be a bit too early to call on the winners.

In the Sport Production class saw Nexus Racing leading the way in the Aston Martin GT4, with the trio of Datuk Adrian Henry D’Silva, Danial Bilski and Fahrizal Hasan behind the wheels. They had managed to put an amazing display of 140 laps halfway into the race, spreading a wide gap of five laps between them and the FXPrimus Aylezo Racing in the Lotus Evora GT4 piloted by the driver lineup of Zen Low, Patrick Ng Bee Soon and Marcus Chye. And running at third position with 130 laps is the No.53 Nissan Fairlady with the driver combination of Mohamed Nazir, Mohamed Ridzuan and Khairul Anwar.

Our own Type R Racing Team, despite having faced some difficulties in the early stages of the race still manages to put a strong clench on the lead position over the ST-Powered Racing Team from Singapore, also running a Civic FD2R. But with only a 1-lap lead, it is not a position that one could be too comfortable in.

The first half of the race also saw JC Racing, having painstakingly qualified second in their class, facing an early retirement as the engine on their Honda DC5 just on the fifth lap; only 17:36.880 into the race. More updates will come soon after, so do stay tuned for the action!