Special Interview with Type R Racing Team’s Driver Ah Lai

As a regular on Sepang International Circuit and also a familiar face on our own TIMETOATTACK, talented driver Lai Wee Sing is now facing one of the greatest challenges in motorsports; endurance racing. And having paved his way in the sport with Honda’s wild machines, he today runs with the Type R Racing Team to tackle on the challenges posed by the 12 hours Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race 2012.

But their way to the top spots is not an easy one as the development of their race car was done at the last minute, with very limited time to thoroughly test the capabilities of the machine.

“Actually, for this year’s race, our team’s preparation was done at the last minute with a limited time for testing. We only had a testing session with one set of tires before the race, and it is quite a surprise for us to have the car running this well. And we had only confirmed our participation one month prior into the race, which is considered very late”, said Lai before going into his night stint.

“We got some problems on the first couple of hours where the temperature was too hot, and during hot temperatures the car will run slow. So we changed a bit of the settings, coupled off with the cooler temperatures that we have right now, the car runs better than the earlier sessions”, he added when asked about the car’s condition on the first six hours.

Even with such challenges, they had managed to secure the lead position in the touring Production class that they are running in with 135 laps. And how would the plan to defend the position for the next half of the race?

“Make consistent runs and put full concentration, and try to finish the race.”

Though it might sound easy, anything imaginable could happen in the next six hours, which we hope in their case would be spelled as “Victory”. Good luck guys!