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JDMs at the TIMETOATTACK 2012 Round 1 (Part 1)

Previously, we had taken a glance into the ultra-rare and uber-cool automotive engineering that had together made TIMETOATTACK livelier. And now, it is time to shift our attention to the ones that originates from the Land of the Rising Sun, where some of them might look like a simple sedan or hatchback, but could also double up as a dangerous track weapon; the JDM machines.

And if one is a regular in visiting Sepang on either track days or time attack events, it would not take long to realize that one of the most preferred weapon being utilized by most participants are Hondas, particularly the FD2R or commonly known as the Type-R.

And it is this machine that became the choice of some teams participating the event like the Pentagon Racing team with its own fleet of Type-Rs,

…Kazama Racing,…

…N1 Racing…

…and also J’s Garage.

Of course, there are other versions that just would not die from the competitive motorsport scene like this Civic EK, which was really screaming down the track! They say that the Zonda R breaches the sound limit of most of the race tracks in Europe; they had truly forgotten to put this one to join in the list.

And since this year’s TIMETOATTACK has introduced a whole new class called the HONDA Hybrid Class, there were also a number of turnouts from the green-going CR-Zs, showing that even by going “vegan”, one could also have some serious fun on the tracks.

Eric’s featured CR-Z definitely looked great sprinting down the main straights…

…and so does this Spoon Sports CR-Z.

A track event would also be incomplete if there is no participation from the members of the Nissan’s S-platform, and naturally there were a bunch of them ready tear up the circuit.

This S13 is no longer a stranger to Sepang, and in fact some could even instantaneously identify who is behind the wheels; which is none other than Miss Leona Chin herself.

Also calling Sepang its second home, Ken Ji’s street-legal S15 definitely would not miss this event, and just the appearance of his red-hot time shaver was more than enough to heat up the day.

But if going flashy is not your thing, here’s a nice specimen of a clean, stealthy Silvia. With a sleek matte black finish, this one only belongs on the tracks though, as that roll cage will get you into trouble rather than out of it in the first place.

The GT-Rs were also there to represent Nissan, and their twin-turbo V6s are really something should not be messed with. Farriz Fauzy’s GT-R dominated the circuit with full slicks; I wonder how close the other GT-Rs will get to his record in this year’s event.

With its monstrous performance and a considerably reasonable price tag that comes with it, will the GT-R rise and achieve a legendary status like how the NSX did in the 90’s?

A couple of the Zs were also present, like this lone 370Z…

…and these two 350Zs.

More JDM goodness coming right to you at Part 2!

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Old 05-24-2012, 05:54 PM
150bhp Tuned Member

Silvia My LOVE <3

Pity that I can only dream…

Old 05-24-2012, 06:58 PM
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PENNZOIL GTR!! one of my favourite liveries on GTR’s =) those RE30 on HKS silva looks the boss too!
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hope my car also in the photo next year…haha
Look nice… congrat