Rendered: Mercedes SLS AMG “Race Version”


The Mercedes SLS is probably one of the most dramatic new cars of this year. Its design may be reminiscent of yesteryears but it’s in no way an old classic. The gull-wing doors and long sweeping hood are design cues carried over from the SL of the 50’s but everything else about it is modern in every sense of the word.

Its design also immediately makes it a favourite among tuners but there’s a high chance that we will never see one particular version of it – a race model. Knowing that, designer Matt Clark of Mattro Design came up with his own interpretation of how a racing SLS would look like. In his words, the race SLS started off stock but has some traits of the 50’s race version, but instead of the triangular paint scheme above the headlights being non-functional, they are actually unpainted carbon fiber vents. Also modified for race use are the headlights, fascia, grille, side exit exhausts, race mirrors, spoiler and of course, the addition of ground effects and the removal of the aesthetic vent gills.

The motivation behind the rendering? In Matt’s words, “They’ll probably never make a race version, but hey…it never hurts to hope.”

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  • Dec 11, 2009
Now thats my kind of SLS!