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[WTS] Minakawaii Japanese Skin Care

Discussion in 'All OTHER stuff' started by ivanc82, Aug 13, 2017.

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    Aug 12, 2010
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    Introducing ‘Minakawaii’, a skincare cosmetics brand developed by one of Japan’s most popular magazines ‘Mina’.

    Minakawaii proposes that girls should fight signs of ‘early aging’ because it is said that the skin already begins to lose collagen from the age of 10 years old. A loss of collagen will give you signs of aging, and cause skin imperfections such as blotches and freckles. Minakawaii skincare is composed of the best quality Fish Collagen for each item, which is then specially developed for absorption into the skin. Each product makes your skin whiten like snow and helps to give back the fresh feeling of baby skin.


    Minakawaii aims to always be by your side like a fashion item. Every item contains a rose scent that evolves you softly and lets you evoke the moment you fell in love.

    Available now in Malaysia. For online purchases, visit Kawaii de Beauty


    Cleansing Water - RM48
    Double actions of Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Betaine protect the rough surface skin. Hydrogenated Castor Oil helps enhance an active cycle of skin metabolism. Fish Collagen and Citric Acid get back youthful skin while removing make up.


    Daily Scrub Gel - RM58
    Natural Hydro Beads is developed with Mannitol, Cellulose and Cone. This beads wash off dirt and lipids in the cuticle and dermic layers of your skin. The Strong Cleansing Power of Alaninate (from Palm Oil) help to remove dirt and lipids from the skin completely. Also, Fish Collagen and Acrylate Copolymers protect the skin moisture. You can use the Daily Scrub Gel every day since our beads are natural Mild Hydro Beads.


    Milky Face Cleanser - RM48
    The natural ingredient of Stearate penetrates dermic skin to separate oil and water levels, to close pores and keep water in the Dermic Layer for hydration. Highly moisturizing and anti-oxidative ingredients protect from any attacks of bacteria from the outside. Strong cleansing power of Isopropyl Myristate removes lipids (which cause Acne) inside of pores. A pairing of Carbomer and Fish Collagen create a high moisturizing effect, creating youthful skin.


    Moisturizing Face Lotion - RM58
    Natural Hydrogenated Castor Oil provides moisturizing together with rich Vitamins found in fruits such as lemons, grapefruits, apples and limes. Vitamin C, E, B6 with Fish Collagen (Amino Acid) refresh and moisturize the Skin.


    Anti Aging Face Cream - RM48
    Stearate and Dimethicone penetrate the dermic skin level to add nutrients back to the skin, while the natural ingredients of Shea Butter and Fish Collagen sooth and replenish the skin for a youthful look.


    Sleeping Mask Booster - RM58
    Natural Ingredients of Cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone Crossspolymer make your skin clear. These highly nourishing ingredients penetrate dermic skin while you are sleeping. Sleeping time is the most important time to rejuvenate your skin, as old skin cells are replaced with new skin cells. Wake up to a wonderful morning by making use of the high nourishing sleeping mask.



    Dealing method: Poslaju / COD available in Kepong Only

    Dealing method: Paypal / COD / Bank Transfer

    Location of seller: Kuala Lumpur

    Contact method/details: 0129031369 / Whatsapp / Line


    Item(s) conditions: Brand New

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