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Wheel alignment issue - w211

Discussion in 'Euro' started by satria81, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. satria81

    satria81 Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Sep 19, 2005
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    Hi All

    I had sent my car for wheel alignment and it turned out to be worse than how it was.

    The thing is, the steering wheel is not at center position and it is pulling badly to the left side.

    Please, Could someone recommend a good place to have alignment done for W211 at around klang valley area .

    Thanks for you help.


  2. vr2turbo

    vr2turbo 5 Year | Silver
    Helmet Clan Moderator

    May 11, 2010
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    There is Kee Hin in Old Klang Road

    And this one recommend by Tom:-
    Tai Soon in Batu Caves is my top favorite for such things.
    They have a mobile on-wheel balancer, where they take it to every wheel and achieve perfect wheel balance every time.
    For alignment. they use an ancient alignment jig from yesteryears. No Laser systems here. It's a sight to see that giant chunk of 1960s metal in action

    Try it out, look for Fei Lou or Popeye
  3. carlyap

    carlyap Senior Member
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    With the factory setting there is no so call camber nut to adjust "u need to add on camber but to adjust"

    Klang valley a lot of tyre shop know how to do it. Example lim tyre,

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