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JQC Quartz Glass Coating

Discussion in 'Car Shops and Services' started by wcray, May 15, 2017.

  1. wcray

    wcray Member

    Oct 31, 2013
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    LLumar high end film series Diamond 6+ Japan No.1 JQC Quartz Glass Coating[/size]
    Well protected by 6 MIL safety film, IRR 97%, TSER 60% excellent heat rejection film.

    Hot and humid climate in Malaysia will affect your car body paint surface, JQC Quartz using silica glass (sio2) which is a strong coating provide excellent protection on the surface of car paint.
    LLumar Diamond 6 comes with 10 years warranty, JPJ compliant Tint, JQC Quartz Glass Coating- 5 years full warranty.
    Contact/Pm us -018-3199068

    Proven and tested method for Glass Coating. Maintain a long lasting shining and water resistant quartz glass coating

    5 Years Warranty - Let us show you our technology and method.
    Call/Whatsapps us 018-3199068


    Full Package with Durashield Headlamp tint protective film for both headlamp


    For Enquiries, get a quotation for your car model
    Call/Whatsapp- 018-3199068




    Check out our Quartz Glass Coating-Excellent protection for your car
    Spray coating is a contactless coating process to ensure that the coating is applied evenly to the substrate on uneven surfaces/tight areas, a contour coat can be applied, a closed film can be achieved



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