GSC Stage 2 Cams with Beehive valve spring. Evo 4-8

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Engine and Performance

GSC Stage 2 Cams with Beehive valve spring. Evo 4-8


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May 27, 2005
petaling jaya
Lift: 11.2mm / 11.0mm
Duration: 274 / 274
Application: Mitsubishi 4g63 Evo4-8 - Stage 2 274/274
This is a brand new set of GSC Power-Division Stage 2 Turbo Cams for
Mitsubishi 4G63 2.0L Engines found commonly in the later model Evo4 to Evo8

The GSC Power-Division S2 Camshafts are designed for turbocharger setups 61mm
or larger. This includes the Garrett GT35R, Precision Billet 6262, and many
other great turbos. These camshafts are designed to increase air flow at upper
RPM without sacrificing noticable low end power. They promote a flatter and
broader torque curve and depending on the turbocharger, have proven to pick up
30-65whp gains. The RPM range that these cams are designed to improve is

Beehive springs allow you to run a smaller, more lightweight retainer.
Reducing valvetrain mass improves harmonics and helps the spring return the
valve to a fully closed position between cam rotations. This prevents
unnecessary valve overlap and compression loss at high rpm.

We recommend the use of GSC 100lb High Pressure Race Beehive Kits with GSC S1
and S2 Cams for use in street and race applications to keep proper valve
spring harmonics at high rpm with aggressive cams

The engine idles rougher than stock with these cams but the car will still be
very streetable.

GSC Cams are known for making power at a reasonable price. If you Google "GSC
Cams" you would be hard-pressed to find anyone saying something bad about

Pls contact me for more info on this items: 0166383732 (Siva)

Price: RM 3150


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