When you own a performance-oriented car like the Ferrari 458 Speciale and getting to the legendary Nurburgring is no big deal, the temptation to take your prized possession for a run around the Green Hell is almost impossible to resist. But unfortunately the tale between this black stallion and its owner ended prematurely in a spectacular manner when they were caught in a nasty crash at the ‘Ring.


Fortunately the owner came out in one piece from the crash, but the same could not be said to his Speciale. The crash had severely damaged its front left side and who knows what else needs repairs in this mangled Ferrari. At this stage, it is either coming up with USD 234,624 (RM 888,826) to repair the car or leaving it to rot in a scrap yard. However, the owner came up with a different solution to this mess; crowdfunding.

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Now before you think that people are just going to chip in cash and get nothing in return, that is not the plan of this Speciale’s owner. Instead, he had turned his car into a ‘canvas’ and anyone can upload any picture onto the car’s hood, chassis or bumper at the cost of USD 4.43 (RM 16.78) per cm2.


And that is not all. If they managed to convince 50,000 to participate in this project, the repaired Ferrari will then be ‘given’ to one lucky winner for a course of one month!


At first, we were a bit sceptical that anyone would actually take part in this project. But when we checked their website at thedeadferrari.com, a lot of people had actually taken part in reviving this Ferrari! For more information, head on to The Dead Ferrari to check on the project.