Bentley gifts the all-new Flying Spur with a 500 horsepower 4-litre V8.


With the success of the red-badged V8 variant on the Continental GT – it wasn’t going to be a long wait until we would see the same badge on the all-new Flying Spur which was launched last year at Geneva Motor Show. One year down the line, quelle surprise that the V8 variant is now here and ready to be unveiled.

Powered by the similar, Audi derived 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, it delivers a mighty 500bhp and 660nm to all 4 wheels via an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox. Against the W12 variant, there is a power drop of 116bhp and due to its heavy weight construction, the Zerotohundred sprint is dealt with in 4.9 seconds, almost a second slow that the full blown 6.0-litre W12. But then again, it is never about the speed in a Bentley.


With the W12 – Bentley had skipped the base engine and straight to the 616bhp GT Speed performance. However with the V8; Crewe is offering the base V8 which is seemingly a more lucrative market for an introductory. In good time however, it is likely that we will see the V8S in the line-up together, enlarging the Flying Spur’s market.

Bentley is also offering a Mulliner Driving Specification which sets to enable a much more eager handling from the Flying Spur, with a reduced weight specifically in the nose section of the car. At the same time, it also offers cylinder deactivation that will improve fuel economy on the drive. Clever techs. They boast that the V8 will do over 500miles on a single tank of fuel.


363231It will be launched and presented to the eyes of the public next week at the Geneva Motor Show along with more lustrous details on its clever tech and luxury performance. We already think the new Flying Spur is a handsome brute, and with the V8, we will probably see even more on our roads.