If the Toyota 86 serves as a hot and sexy model in your eyes, then what Geneva got in store next week will make you go head over heels. Sporting the “Future Toyota” tag, the FT-86 Open will be making its debut alongside other hot cars at this much awaited international motor show.

But before we go deeper into this new roadster, you might have noticed that instead of calling it the 86, GT86 or even the FR-S, Toyota had named this as the FT-86 Open. And if you know your 86s, that is already a clear indication that for the time being, this only serves as a concept car, specifically for Geneva Motor Show.


So what is the real purpose of this topless FR sports car? Toyota aims to use the FT-86 Open as a study model based on the popular coupe to gather the customers’ reaction on a topless variant of the 86. But to us, it already has the looks before, and taking the top off just makes it better.

The FT-86 Open uses an electrically-operated soft top to store away the roof, and the cabin’s black and white leather trim really works well with the car, especially with the contrasting yellow-gold stitching and floor mats. For the time being, speculations are saying that it will still house the similar 2.0-liter boxer unit found in the coupe.

Toyota has yet to give out any indications in putting this onto the production lines, but the coupe version had swept the world in such a manner that it will be a surprise for them not to do so.




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