The Subaru BRZ is already a fun car to be driven around the track, but the guys at Subaru reckon that they could put in a number of tweaks to make it a tad better than the stock version. Called the BRZ RA Racing, this straight-from-the-factory BRZ is a racing-spec version of the car. And before you get too excited about it, the RA Racing will be available only in Japan for the time being.

Nevertheless, Subaru is not wasting any time and planning to take this car to compete in a one-make series scheduled to take place this summer, facing off against the GAZOO Racing Toyota 86. From the outside, we could see some changes being thrown in like the brake ducts beneath the front fascia, removable tow hooks and an oil cooler behind the grille. It is also fitted with ventilated disc brakes for both front and rear, and Torsen LSD.

This new BRZ also gets a factory six-point roll cage which includes custom-fit floor mats, and a four-point race harness for the driver. Although there were no figures released on its performance, going against the twin-charged GAZOO 86 that has 330-horsepower might give you the general picture of what the BRZ RA will be packing from its 2.0-liter Boxer.




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