Pulling off a Backflip in a MINI is Not as Easy as it Looks

After bagging Dakar Rally wins two times in a row, the Mini All4 thinks that it could do more than conquering the harsh desert environment. But instead of trying to break existing records, this monster MINI went for something yet to be attempted by any man; making an ‘unassisted’ backflip in a car.

With rally driver, freestyle skier and extreme sportsman Guerlain Chicherit being put behind the wheels, the veteran of the X-raid Team is just the right man for the job. The stunt was carried out at the winter sports resort of Tignes, France with the use of a static ramp. Now if some of you are wondering what ‘unassisted’ stands for, the ramp used in the stunt was not fitted with any moving elements that could help in boosting the car’s rotational movement.

The stunt is nowhere close to being easy, but Chicherit pulled it off as if the MINI was born with wings. A quick run across the quarterpipe ramp after a short sprint and the MINI gracefully pulls a backflip before setting its four wheels back onto the snow.

MINI also seemed proud with the achievement and came out with a statement for the stunt, saying that “the backflip had previously been attempted by other drivers. But Chicherit has now become not only the first automotively-propelled artist to execute a perfect landing, he also did it “unassisted” – in other words, without the aid of a special ramp with moving elements to boost the car’s rotational movement’.


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