Ever since the second franchise of the Fast & Furious installment hit the silver screens, the Nissan Skyline GT-R instantly became an icon for the Hollywood street race movie. The older R33 made a short appearance in both the first movie and Tokyo Drift, and the R34 GT-R again took the spotlight when Brian raced it against Toretto’s Chevy Chevelle in the fourth movie. And with word of the “Fast 6” scheduled to arrive this May 24th, the next Nissan superstar was also revealed and it is a monster indeed.

Set to outrun anything that chases it in the next movie, the R35 lined up for Fast 6 is no ordinary GT-R you will ever encounter, especially with the BenSopra aerokit it carries.

Under the hood, the 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine is stuffed with a variety of goodies which includes a new cooling system from R’s Tuning, a Switzer P800 turbo kit, HKS downpipe and a new ECU from SP Engineering. And to get the best power out from this package, it runs on 100 octane gas.

For stopping power, carbon ceramic brakes from Weapons Grade Performance are also fitted to this sky blue GT-R to keep the wild beast from going astray. Even though the car is set to appear in the movie, the whole package is not just for show as according to the dyno chart, this new star makes 685-horsepower and 603 lb/ft of torque. Sounds exciting? Then let us hope that the movie will be too when this monster appears.


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