Hyundai’s HDN-9 Concept is Absolutely a Looker!

Concept cars are meant to be jaw-droppers. Take example the Lexus LF-LC Concept or the Acura NSX Concept, these cars already won the hearts of the audience in every motor shows they made appearance in, and it keeps the people waiting for the actual thing to come. Hyundai now also realizes the importance of the concept car, and had come up with one that would definitely be a head-turner.

Called the HND-9 Concept, this “next-generation luxury sports coupe” apparently is the company’s general direction in making their next-generation Genesis coupe, and we have got to say that it looks properly fantastic. With the front styling somehow resembles the new Aston Martin Vanquish, we really did not expect for Hyundai to throw in butterfly doors for this new concept, which anyhow still looks good.

While we might not know how close the second generation of the Genesis Coupe will resemble to this amazing concept, the Head of Hyundai Design Centre Suk-Geun Oh did mentioned that the “HND-9 will give customers a glimpse of Hyundai’s future luxury sports coupe models”; so will it be more than one model having its reference on this concept?

Anyways, the HND-9 is developed by the Hyundai Motor Group’s R&D Centre in Namyang, Korea. Powering this concept is Hyundai’s upcoming 3.3-liter turbocharged GDi V6 engine with 362-horsepower, all sent to the rear wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission.