The DeltaWing is a fine and unique piece of innovation which could probably spell a new era in motorsports. With a missile-like shape and lightweight body, it zooms through the much-powerful counterparts last time in Le Mans easily. But in order to be seen by the eyes of the enthusiasts, the DeltaWing first needed to be seen by the other drivers speeding on the circuit, which seems to be the reason why it was again caught in a pretty bad crash.

During testing for the American Le Mans Series, the DeltaWing was blazing through the Road Atlanta and was doing very well. With a 1:13.686 recorded, it was the fifth fastest in the field, passing everyone except two LMP2 cars and some LMP1s. But it was right after recording the impressive time that Lady Luck just went away in all of a sudden.

Just when Gunnar Jeannette was piloting the DeltaWing through turn 11, the low-riding DeltaWing was slammed from the left by the Green Hornet Racing Porsche, sending the almost tricycle-like prototype car to flip over and skidded across the circuit before turning back to the right side up and finally coming to a stop.

At a first glance, maybe some will quickly point out that the Porsche did such move on purpose, but apparently that is not the case. Due to its unique shape, the DeltaWing has an unusually narrow front end. Coupled up with an all-black paintjob, it really makes spotting this prototype car very hard on the circuit where split-second decisions are made.

The crash however was not that severe. Jeannette was fine and the car was fixable; HighCroft Racing claimed that they can get the car back on the circuit the day after. We would like to wish them the best in getting the DeltaWing back on its wheels again. But as a suggestion, maybe you guys could at least give it a more eye-catching paint job like a striking red or fluorescent green? Or maybe you could drop the DeltaWing at Motorsport Playground for a couple of days to give it a highly-visible chrome wrap job?


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