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Shell 1-litre Challenge travels to East Malaysia – Stand a chance to win RM50,000

Less than three months following the launch of their most advanced fuel economy formula – FuelSave Unleaded 95 and 97 – Shell announced today that the much awaited 1 Litre Challenge will be brought to East Malaysian shores. The Challenge further complements the recent introduction of Shell FuelSave formulated to help motorists save up to one litre with every full tank1.

The 1 Litre Challenge will task motorists to travel the furthest on a single litre of Shell FuelSave. Last year, 24 year old, Jason Lai Tseun Yong, clocked in the most kilometres on 1 litre of Shell FuelSave and subsequently became the Peninsular Malaysia 1 Litre Challenge Champion. The winner of this Challenge will receive the title of Shell FuelSave Champion (East Malaysia), RM50,000 in total prizes and will to compete alongside Lai at the Asia’s Smartest Driver’ challenge hosted in conjunction of the Shell Eco Marathon in July.

“The 1 Litre Challenge is one of the many initiatives undertaken by Shell as part of our ongoing commitment to educate motoring communities to be more fuel efficient and savvy. The Challenge encourages ordinary Malaysians to put into context just how far 1 litre of Shell FuelSave can take them,” said Encik Azman Ismail, Managing Director, Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and Director, Shell Timur Sdn Bhd. “Shell has a proud heritage of over 100 years in producing breakthrough fuels specifically with motorists in mind. With that the FuelSave formula was scientifically and independently proven to give you extra kilometres for every full tank. In fact, we put FuelSave in a real test with over 400 cars around the world to ensure that we help you make the most out of every drop.”

During the elimination round, shortlisted motorists will be put through a brief interview session with only the shortlisted finalist moving through to the final drive. They will return the following day to drive along a pre-determined route (representing a normal day’s journey) using Shell FuelSave Unleaded. The winner will be determined by the furthest distance travelled using 1 litre of Shell FuelSave. Three winners from Sarawak and Sabah will then compete at the National Finals in Kota Kinabalu on 12 July 2010.

Interested participants are encouraged to pre-register at www.shell.com.my/fuelsave, catch the Shell roving teams or be among the first few to register at the participating Shell station:

“This time round, Shell has increased the stakes. The Shell FuelSave Champion (East Malaysia) will not only receive the same grand prize of RM50,000 but will be part of Team Shell Malaysia for the 1 Litre Challenge hosted during the Shell Eco Marathon. The competition is a first in Asia and will be held in Kuala Lumpur. Last year’s Challenge was held in Dresden, Germany and saw Shell’s FuelSave Ambassador and Malaysia’s very own Fahrin Ahmad driving into first place clocking in 21.3km on 1 Litre of FuelSave,” added Azman.

For more information on how to get the most out of your fuel, visit www.shell.com.my/fuelsave.