REVO is the latest Engine Oil Treatment in our local market. Designed using similar friction modifier adapted from the Aeronautic and Space Technology, REVO substantially reduces engine friction and drag to a point where performance improvement and drivability of a vehicle can be noticeable felt.

The US Department of Energy on Internal Combustions states that more that 60% of a vehicle’s energy is wasted just to overcome engine friction alone. “With such inherent design inefficiency, comes real opportunity for performance improvement by REVO researchers ” says Eddie Kwan, REVO Malaysia representative

It is a known fact that all cars and bikes performance gradually deteriorates overtime. The reason for this is that engine friction continually builds up which subsequently increases engine heat and power loss. As the engine friction process build up is gradual, most drivers will not notice the drop in performance as their vehicle becomes more sluggish, less responsive and less fuel efficient; which also causes premature failure of mechanical parts and oil seals.

It has been proven that most REVO users will almost immediately notice sharper throttle response in their vehicle as a result of significant increase in horsepower and torque, while REVO will return the joy a smoother and quieter engine as engine lubricity improves substantially. Used regularly, REVO acts as a cleaning agent to maintain engine conditions too.

“REVO is effectiveness is real, so much so that 99% of REVO users felt and noticed the performance improvement in their vehicle within 15 minutes and actually thanked their mechanics” adds Eddie Kwan

REVO is 100% natural base, pH neutral , does not contain Teflon and is eco-friendly. Taking Malaysia by storm, there are already more than 20,000 REVO users in Malaysia alone today. REVO is available at leading retail and mechanics shops.

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