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Lexus IS-F CCS Concept: A Hint At The Future Of The IS-F


Lexus displayed this at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon and as shown in the image above, the IS F CCS Concept is light years away from the regular family transport IS, it’s vibrant contrast of orange and black together with the generous use of carbon fiber lends a purposeful stance to the car. The material adorns the roof, rear wing and diffuser, front spoiler lip, the hood as well as the side mirrors. This light weight touch could only mean one thing – performance! Even the interior is adorned with the space age material; the center and lower consoles, gear stick, steering wheel trim and door panels have all been lightened.


The engine department sees the same old 5-liter V8 but the weight reduction helps maximise each and every hoof of the 423 Japanese horses. Additional performance enhancements come in the form of forged magnesium wheels wrapped in performance tyres, carbon brake discs, sports suspension and a sport exhaust system with a titanium muffler.


Weight and track time have not been released but we are guessing that this concept hints at the future of the IS-F. Could we be looking at a lightweight “go-faster” version of the IS-F, like what BMW did for the M3 with the introduction of the CSL? It could just be and we certainly hope so.

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Source: ; Carscoop

  • D
  • Jan 20, 2010
what future concept?

what i am seeing is kedai abang's version of ISF. well, kedai abang for luxury vehicles i mean. put carbon fibre here, titanium there, lips a bit, canard here and there. and viola 'future concept'?

they lost so much in that supercar department that kedai abang's version they say 'future concept'?

concept my arsse
  • I
  • Jan 20, 2010
What a shame. Lexus is supposed to be a classy executive car. They go and "Ah Beng-nised" the car with these mods.

If want performance Lexus, then there is the Lexus LFA.
  • M
  • Jan 21, 2010
hmm.. the designer of this car has just reached puberty perhaps.. thats y there is this kedai 'abang' style

just stick with the executive look plz.. leave all this carbon fibre for need for speed only TQ
  • B
  • Jan 21, 2010
lol above dude. u can ownz it only talk about it.

bmw also did the same way wat. 5 series ? M5? and so many 5 series spec.

normal, sport and hardcore.

mayb lexus see their L-FA are good comment by end user.

and they wanna bring out another car just like 5 series and turn into M5 that type.

wat wrong with the carbon. the future came out mayb there not carbon colour on it. they will might spray it. cuz if not who know is carbon for now, since now is Concept!
Full carbon body... Now that's what i will do.
  • B
  • Jan 21, 2010
initiald and melvin, there's nothing wrong there with the carbon fibre, canards, magnesium alloy, titanium bits.

this is for the niche market, for people who wants a more hardcore version of the IS. if you want an elegant looking one, go for the IS then. why complain about this?

different people different taste, some like it subtle, some like it hardcore. if there's a market for it, who are you to call it ah beng and not elegant and whatever shit?

however, i agree with drmpower, u call that a concept? come on lexus, show us something new!
  • M
  • Jan 21, 2010
Biasa la Toyota & Lexus same kaki... In this case, add some cf parts, titanium bits alredi called concept. Like Vios put some TRD bodykit, alredi called Vios TRD Sportivo..mana tau tak leh blah..
  • G
  • Jan 22, 2010
look like gen-2 from the side..
Spot on for the write-up, I seriously think this site needs far more awareness. I鈥檒l probably be once again to study much more, thanks for this information.
The new Lexus IS F concept looks great, and can we expect the same thing in the actual model also?