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Abarth To Introduce New Punto EVO with 165hp 1.4 Turbo Engine

More previews before next week’s Geneva Motor Show and this time it’s Abarth previewing the latest Punto EVO and the tuner has announced the three-door 1.4-liter turbocharged Multiair four-cylinder supermini will debut alongside a souped up Abarth 500X.

To help with the need for more power, Fiat’s performance division sourced a larger turbocharger from Garrett in order to lift output to 165hp and 250Nm of torque at 2,250rpm. The Abarth Punto EVO will be able to see off the 100km/h mark in just 7.9-seconds and to keep everything manageable, Abarth has beefed up suspension that consists of McPherson struts up front and a torsion-bar equipped “semi-independent” rear suspension out back. This combined with a new, bigger anti-roll bar and springs that have been stiffened by 20%, the Abarth Punto EVO should be able to impress with it’s handling and it could just be one of the car’s finer points.

Predictably, aerodynamics have also improved but this time it’s more than just a couple of beauty enhancements. The Abarth Punto EVO features a wider front bumper, realigned air inlets/outlets, redesigned rear bumper that features a carryover diffuser with new details and reorganized reverse/fog lights, colour-matched side-skirts, and a new rear spoiler. Finishing the look are different satin finish on the exhaust tips, new 17-inch wheels, and a fresh set of graphics.

Inside, drivers have access to optional Sabelt racing buckets and a new vehicle dynamics system that allows them to control braking/steering/engine characteristics with a 2-mode lever (Sport and Normal) housed on the center tunnel. The selected driving mode appears on the dashboard, while a shift light (Gear Shift Indicator, or GSI) resides in the Jaeger-filled instrument panel.

Other features to be found on Abarth’s latest hot-hatch include Start&Stop technology and Torque Transfer Control (TTC), which provides a locking differential that is automatically activated in sport mode.

And just to push the limits even further, Abarth will be offering a SS kit that features lowering springs, 18-inch wheels in white or titanium. Power will also be cranked up to 180hp and brakes will also be beefed up with new pads and vented discs. More details on this next week.

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Source: CarScoop

  • W
  • Feb 25, 2010
wow. another competition to polo gti!

nice car
  • P
  • Feb 25, 2010
polo is still 1 sec faster in the 0-100....
  • X
  • Feb 25, 2010
this abarth must go head to head with the cute polo gti hehe.

but kinda bored with the 'EVO' name. its everywhere! why cant they look for something more fresh than 'EVO'? *yawn*
  • B
  • Feb 27, 2010
If only these awesome hot cars would be much cheaper here. And public perception towards these cars.

Alfa MiTo, Mini, Punto, Polo, 308, 500, the whole Renault hot hatch range.

Why must we stick to the ho-hum Japanese offerings?

come on, just look at the Clio, this Punto Abarth. Its wanting to be thrashed, to be thrown around

Ohhh, I would love a scorpion badged Punto Essesse.
  • C
  • Feb 27, 2010
one hot hatch..yummy
  • N
  • Feb 27, 2010
Fuiyooo! I thought the Fiat 500 Abarth was "cun" already. This one also "cun". But the 500 without Abarth cost almost like a Camry already. I think Abarth stuff would push it close to RM200K or more. Also do remember that Malaysian Gov is dead on pushing for cars from other countries to be above 1.8cc. So this car would either be MIA or cost damn too much to bring in. All in the sake of saving "you know who" that does not have cars more than 1.6cc nowdays.