Let’s get one thing straight first because it really is not our style to be creating stories out of nothing, this supposed new Mazda RX-7 you see pictured here is not official because sources at Mazda have yet to confirm the return of the legendary 7. And with the current global situation, it would be more logical for Mazda to be spending on core models rather than in niche cars like the RX-7. But that doesn’t stop speculation and what you see here is another artists impression of a fourth generation RX-7 model.

This time, the speculative rendering comes from Japan’s Motor Magazine with the artist taking a more ‘wedgy’ approach to the design that incorporates all the usual styling cues from Mazda’s latest production and concept models like the ‘smiley’ front grille, the pronounced front wheel arches and the sharp-angled headlights. There’s not much information available on the who-what-when-why-and how’s except to not expect the RX-7 to raise again anytime soon. But if it’s seriously going to look like that, I’m heading the call for a return to flip-up headlights. I know they’re dangerous and whatever, but they’re gorgeous.


Source: CarScoop