Nissan Murano owners - kindly respond


3,000 RPM
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3,000 RPM
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Jul 16, 2005
Greetings,i'm currently driving a used 2005 2.5 (A) CBU came w 20" but i've switched back to 18" 4 comfort purposes....
i haf a few queries here n hope sum of u can help me:-

1)Whnever i'm traveling,even as slow as 60km/h,i can't seem 2 travel w all windows down.especially d rear 2 windows.once they r down,der'll b crazee buzzing n vibration inside d car.i dun understand wat causes dis.

2)Below d radio console,der is a small button.wat is dis for?pressed a few times,it'll emit d alarm's buzzer sound but nothg happens.

3)Where to get d original air press & mud-protector?

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