Lighter, Faster – Lotus Malaysia launches the new Evora 400!


With 400-horsepower in its disposal, the new Evora 400 is the most powerful production car ever made by the guys at Lotus. And after making its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2015, we could finally lay our eyes on this magnificent machine as Lotus Cars Malaysia launched the Evora 400 at their showroom today.


“We are glad that the Lotus Evora 400 has entered the Malaysian market as it is the fastest road-going Lotus car that we have ever produced. This car delivers not only a supercar look but definitely a supercar performance as well,” said Dato’ Abdul Harith Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Holdings Berhad.


The new 400 is in no doubt more capable than the Evora as it has a greater agility and a more involving drive. Powered by a 3.5-liter supercharged V6 engine making out 400-horsepower and 410Nm of torque, zerotohundred is dealt with in an astonishing 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of 300 km/h. A new aluminium chassis incorporates a new interior and the lightweight composite body has changed significantly both front and rear.


Sticking to its core values, the new Evora 400 is not only faster than the previous model but is 42kg lighter as well, thanks to a clever design and the attention to detail. All the improvements allows the Evora 400 to tackle the challenging test track at the Lotus Headquarters in Hethel, Norfolk, seven seconds faster than the previous model.


“The Lotus Evora 400 first made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March last year, and now that it has reached the Malaysian shores, Lotus Cars Malaysia will be offering a promotion package which includes 3 years warranty, 2 years free service, one time experience at the Lotus Driving Academy and an automatic membership to the distinguished Lotus Official Club Malaysia (LOCM). Further promotion, the first 30 car buyers will also enjoy a special promotion price of the Lotus Evora 400,” Dato’ Harith added.


The new Lotus Evora 400 will be available in automatic and manual transmission, and prices will start from RM 597,999 all the way to RM 653,999.