ZEROTOLOSE 3: Go Kart Sprint Race Challenge concludes – Indoor actions and results inside!


After months of hibernation, ZEROTOLOSE returns once again to the local karting scene for more action on these small yet capable race machines. And to those who are looking for a serious yet entertaining challenge on these buzzing go karts, we are bringing something special for this first round of 2015 which comes in the form of a new venue instead of the usual Sepang International Karting Circuit.

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That is right, folks. Instead of being exposed to the ever changing elements of weather and the lack of visibility at night, the participants for this round are sheltered in the controlled environment of the Superkart Indoor Karting Arena. Located at Semenyih, this is so far Malaysia’s largest indoor go kart centre and is an interesting place to try out if karting is your game.

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And what makes Superkart Indoor Arena very interesting is that it has that mini KL City GP vibe where there are no runout areas and a slight mistake will pretty much put you at the back of the pack. But the participants did not come all the way to give up that easily and it sure is a thrill watching them in the attempt to re-joining the pack.

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The participants were divided into two groups of A and B and of them were given equal opportunities to familiarize themselves with the circuit through the 10 minutes practice session. Originally the circuit goes out in a clockwise rotation but to add a little challenge into the competition we decided to go in an anti-clockwise direction instead.




While the participants did clocked some decent timings during the practice session, the real show did not start until the qualifying session. Trying their best to clock the fastest timing for a pole position race start, the Superkart Indoor Arena was brought to life with the buzzing of the go karts lapping the circuit in the range of 30+ seconds per lap.




It may look a bit chaotic, but at least they were still giving others the chance to pass through in order to get a clean lap for a nice timing. Te same could not be said for the race where even the smallest millimetre was being covered by the participants in closing the window for any overtakes.




For a fair chance for everyone to race, the first race was a 10-minute session for both the groups. The top five of each group will then face off in Race 2, while the bottom five of Group A and B will also have another race among themselves.

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Although the races did not even last more than 20 minutes, it felt like an eternity as there was action in every corner at every race. Finally when the dust settles down, it was finally time to crown the winners for the ZEROTOLOSE 3: Go Kart Sprint Race Challenge.


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Coming in first place for Group A was none other than Farriz Fauzy, followed by Jeff Low in second and Naheem Harris in third place.

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As for Group B, Raptor took home the top spot with Kabir following close behind. Muhammad Shafiq finished the race in third position.


There was also another special award handed out for the evening where aside from being the only female karter in the race, Nurul Husna Nasharuddin was nominated the SpeedKing for the ZEROTOLOSE 3: Go Kart Sprint Race Challenge with a timing of 30.371 seconds.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all sponsors, participants, friends and anyone in helping us making this Zerotohundred X DDM Academy ZEROTOLOSE 3: Go Kart Sprint Race Challenge a great success!