Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta Tranforms from Gravel Spewer to Tarmac Burner!

After Ken Block won the Olympus ‘dirt’ Rally in Shelton, Washington, his Ford Fiesta Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (HFHV) heads to a more paved course in Las Vegas for the fifth round of Global Rallycross (GRC) and rather than using another car that’s been prepped for the gig, the same car gets ‘redressed’ for some tarmac action.

First off, his Fiesta’s powertrain gets swapped out for something that’s able to handle over 600bhp and where the radiator is usually found up front, it’s been moved aft with side vents and a vented liftgate to help keep it cool, and Block’s Fiesta also gets larger brakes as well as matching set of rims and tyres.

Three days later, Block’s Fiesta finally emerges transformed and ready to roll-out jump some ramps at the GRC!