How D1GP Japanese commentators can sound funny to some


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Oct 6, 2008
Kuala Lumpur

Well for those who've grown up watching Japanese car videos from the gigantic Option group, like their all-time favourite Best Motoring seasons, Hot Version and the ever popular D1 Grand Prix Championship series, you've probably forgotten how interesting Japanese commentators can be.

Especially during climatic moments of the D1 GP heats, where the words Obunai (danger) and Sugoi (cool) are being thrown around vigorously. Many of us literally learn these Japanese lingos through watching such videos. That being said, it's not hard to realise how the commentators would sound to virgin viewers - Hilarious!

Just remember to watch from 2:45min onwards and turn up the VOLUME!

YouTube - D1GP Best Twin Drift Tandem Sudden Death Match