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how much is a matrix rear bumper? urgent!!

Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by VexRed, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. VexRed

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    Oct 1, 2005
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    dear frens,

    haih just now whacking the highway racing with my fren then a stupid old bitch aunty just suddenly changed lane so i jam brake and hit her back bumper but not very hard. she's driving a hyundai matrix and she insists i buy her a new bumper. her car body completely fine only her rear bumper crack a bit only. since i cannot be bothered i asked her 2 find herself then let me know the price lor. so i wanna ask the sifus here how much is this piece of shit bumper? brand new and 2nd hand prices (if got la)...

    i don't have 2 pay for bumper i know but she knows we were racing and if i don't get her a new bumper she wants 2 report us... how fukked is that man old bitch is a bloody extortionist! i have a VERY 'colourful' relationship with the police as well so i'd rather they DIDN'T get involved. plus my fren threatened her husband (cos he shouted 1st) just now when he got down from the car and the uncle got scared cos my fren also 2 ganas la just now want 2 take parang some more... haihh.. i admit it's my fault yes (cos i shouldn't be driving like that on public roads) but damn those 2 really pissed me off kao.

    so hyundai guys(and girls!) do let me know the prices of the matrix rear bumper k? i'd appreciate that a lot.

    nvm, i get them this bumper now n after all settled i'll burn their fukkin house down... bastards... haihh!!

    some more my intercooler senget now wei haihh lagi fukked up.. haihhh!!
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