Launched: 2017 Porsche Panamera 4s MK2 – 440hp bi Turbo V6!

The all new MK2 Panamera is now here people. Porsche’s iconic sports car based luxury sedan has been substantially remodeled and features new approach to engine and transmission choices.

In fact, new 330hp Turbo V6 and collosal 550hp V8s will power these new Panameras, and the new chassis will also get rear wheel steer, active roll compensation and 3 chamber air suspension. Very interesting.

The New Panamera MK2

The Panamera is now even more fastback than ever before. The new roofline towards the rear has been lowered by 20mm, taking it closer to Porsche’s iconic design icon, the 911.

Whats new in the Cockpit

The interior has been fully revised as well, Plenty of black panel surfaces flanked by interactive touch displays now command the cockpit. Clear and intuitive user interface is the order of the day and these panels control the car’s function just like a mobile device would.

Remember the previous hard buttons? Now, together with the instrument panels, they’ve all been replaced by touch sensitive panels and has individually configurable functions. These new panels will take centre stage in what they now call the “Porsche Advanced Cockpit”. Clearly, this is aimed at further increasing driver convenience, while moving away from the the long expired analogue world.

Next gen driver assistance

The new Panamera now has night vision assistant integrated. This system uses a thermal imaging camera to detect people and large animals, while highlighted indicator in the cockpit warns the driver of potential hazard ahead.

New Engines

Just like in motorsport application, Porsche’s new Turbo V6 and V8 engines will feature the “hot sides inward” turbocharger placement. This simply means that the turbochargers, instead of being conventionally mounted on the outside of the V, in here it is mounted in between the V.

This configuration has multiple benefits. For one, the engine can be much more compact, enabling a lower engine placement further adding to the lower centre of gravity. The shorter path to the turbos also mean more instantaneous throttle response.

In addition, this engine response can be tweaked via the Sport Response Button, a rotary ring located on the steering wheel, which was inspired from the 918 Spyder. This will also serve as the main driving mode toggle for presets such as Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual.

2.9L V6 Bi Turbo Engine

Featured in the Panamera 4s, this Turbo 2.9L V6 makes 440hp and 550nm. This engine choice will take the 4s from Zerotohundred in 4.4 seconds and 4.2 seconds with the Sport Chrono Pack. Top speed is rated at 289km/h and fuel consumption at 8.2 – 8.1L / 100km.

The V6 Panameras will feature rear wheel drive only while the super quick 8 speed PDK box will be the base drive train for all Panameras.

More on the new design

A closer look at the Panamera will reveal the all new design approach. Based on dynamic proportions, the new Panamera is 5,049mm (+34mm) long and 1,937mm (+6mm) wide and 1,423mm (+5mm) tall. Despite the overall increase in size and height, the new Panamera maintains its brilliant low stance. Even the front wheels have been moved further forward, clearly reducing the front overhang and provides and even more power appearance.

Lightness is a priority here in the new Panamera as well. Other than doors and bumpers, most of its body panels, including the roof, bonnet, boot, and fenders are made from aluminium.

“The Panamera has long since become a respected and sought after member of the Porsche family, said Arnt Bayer, CEO of Sime Darby Auto Performance. “Now, it is time to take the next step with this new Panamera they us setting new benchmarks in both functionality and design”


New Panamera starts from RM890k
New Panamera 4s starts from RM1.1m

Priced stated includes all relevant duties except registration, insurance and road tax. All Panameras purchased from SDAP will come with a 4 year warranty and free maintenance package that includes complimentary service parts and labour.