Volkswagen Malaysia parts hub opens a distribution center in Shah Alam

Volkswagen‘s Parts Centre in Singapore 1Volkswagen Malaysia has recently enhanced it’s after sales service offerings by establishing a new Parts Hub in Shah Alam. This hub serves as an extension of the Volkswagen Parts Center in Singapore – a facility that manages daily orders and deliveries since July 2014. For existing Volkswagen owners – this is good news, as this translates to a lesser lead time when ordering parts.

The 10,000 sqf storage centre here will receive parts from the Singapore centre and the Volkswagen plant in Kassel, Germany; the second largest production facility.

For an efficient delivery turnaround time, Parts Hub will work hand-in-hand with its counterpart in Singapore to process order submissions twice-a-day. Distribution of parts like market focus inventory, campaign and high demand parts will be dispatched twice-daily to dealerships nationwide from either Singapore or Shah Alam.

“Volkswagen is ‘Always by your side’ and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. With the establishment of this seamless integration between dealerships and Parts Hub, we have significantly reduced the waiting period. Therefore the performance of your Volkswagen car is always optimal,” said Volkswagen Malaysia managing director Armin Keller.



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