Toyota to unveil the GRMN 86 at TAS ‘16, limited to only 100 units!


If you have been waiting for Toyota to come up with a more powerful version of the 86, then this is the cue for you. The new 2016 Toyota GRMN 86 is set to be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 and if you are interested, we suggest that you act quickly as they will only be producing 100 of such examples.


The GRMN 86 is not all show but no go as the engine has also received upgrades to boost up the power. The FA20 power plant had been hand balanced and assembled with internal parts coated in a friction reducing treatment. Sending power through a specially treated and rebuilt close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox, the GRMN 86 output gains roughly about 10-percent to 213-horsepower and 152.6 lb-ft of torque.


Engineers had also retuned the engine, throttle response, anti-lock brake system, Vehicle Stability Control, LSD actuation, steering programming, braking balance and suspension damper valving to improve the sensation when driving the car. Braking power comes from mono-block six-pot calipers and drilled rotors at the front and four-pot at the rear.


On the outside, the GRMN 86 receives an array of wind tunnel-tested aero and bodykits which includes a dry carbon roof, hood, trunk lid, side garnish for the fenders, bottom skirts, and the front lip area. To reduce weight, the rear window and side glass have been replaced with high gloss UV poly-carbonates, while the front glass is replaced with high-durability lightweight composite glass.


As for the interior, the Recaro seats have been custom tailored to the interior, as well as the steering wheel, handbrake and the gear knob. If you are interested, the GRMN 86 comes with a 6.4 million Yen price tag (RM 228,039) and will only be available in Japan.