Honda’s Project 2&4 Roadster Concept is unveiled!


A while back we posted about Honda’s unique project that is called ‘2&4’ and is scheduled to make a debut at Frankfurt. This might just be like any other concept cars but what makes it different from others is that it is powered by a motorcycle engine originally used for racing and has that open-wheel Ariel Atom look.


Some of the questions can now be answered as Honda takes the cover off their Project 2&4 that combines the best of both worlds. This concept aims to signify Honda’s creativity in meeting the personal mobility challenges of today and the future, but at the same time helps bring back the image that Honda once holds.


The Project 2&4 is a roadster that combines the freedom of a motorcycle and the manoeuvrability of a car. It is powered by the same engine found in the Honda RC213V MotoGP race bike which is a 1.0-liter V4 that could rev up to 15,000rpm. However, this engine has been modified to make it street legal so one might not get the 230-horsepower output. Even so, with 212-horsepower and 87 lb-ft of torque all sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed DCT, the Project 2&4 will in no doubt still be thrilling.

Inspired by Honda’s legendary RA272 Formula One race car, it was jointly designed by Honda’s motorcycle design centre Asaka and Honda’s automobile design centre in Wako, Japan. The Project 2&4 is the winner of a global design competition run by Honda between its design studios.