[VIDEO] Upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series!


The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG may be dead, but Mercedes Benz is still keen to show the world what they are capable of. So for that reason, they will be launching the AMG GT sometime in autumn 2014, which is roughly a month away. Spyshots for the AMG GT has been shown before, but this time around, feast your eyes and ears on this particular prototype.

According to sources, this particular spied AMG GT differs from the other spied models as this particular one here, could very well be a Black Edition AMG GT. How to tell the difference? Well apparently the regular AMG GT sports a retractable spoiler, but on this spied model, it is a fixed spoiler. Other than the fixed spoiler, the source has also noted that this spied AMG GT has a much more aggressive front bumper compared to the regular AMG GT. Besides that, the exhaust note is also decidedly more apparent on this spied prototype. All the hints do point at a hotter and faster roadgoing (Or track?) AMG GT.


The top of the line AMG GT will be available with a 4L twin turbocharged V8 which will deliver 503 hp and a total of 659 NM of twisting power. This is a big change from the old 6.2 L V8 that the old SLS AMG had. For good reasons, we reckon, as the smaller 4L V8 can benefit from lower road tax and does not produce as much carbon dioxide as the older much bigger engine. No other performance numbers were made known as yet, so it is still much of a wild guess for now.


Do stay tuned as we’ll update this spot once we get more info.


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