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Naza Italia kicks off 2014 with the introduction of the all-new Ferrari 458 Speciale – It’s one Speciale Supercar!


First introduced to the world last September at the Frankfurt auto show – the Ferrari 458 Speciale is the brand’s latest instalment in their range of gut-wrenching, hardcore and track focused supercars. After 4 years of continuous success; Ferrari has sold over 5000 units combining between both the Italia and Spider, finally now to join that bandwagon, Naza Italia today launched the Ferrari 458 Speciale to the Malaysian market.

In conjunction with the first ever Ferrari Racing Days event in Sepang International Circuit, the Ferrari 458 Speciale steps foot on our shores to introduce itself for the first time. Ferrari has gone to the extreme extent to make the Italia into one absolutely ‘Speciale’ supercar, stepping up the game for the rest of its competitors.


Powered by a rear mounted 4.5-litre normally aspirated V8, the Speciale has been tuned by the engineering boffins in Maranello to produce 597bhp and 540nm of torques channelled to the rear wheels. Now dubbed as ‘The most power normally aspirated production V8 in the world’, this engine will rev freely to 9000rpm; churning out the prancing horse’s V8 symphony simultaneously. Zerotohundred is achieved in 3 seconds flat and all the way to a claimed top speed of 202mph.

With the 458 Speciale, the weight has been dropped by 102kg against the Italia which was achieved by the extensive use of carbon fibre and other lightweight materials. The interior has also been stripped, with the heavy motorised seats are replaced in favour of manual semi-buckets and carpets removed. The total dry weight figure falls at only 1290kg.



One of the most innovative content of the 458 Speciale is the Side Slip angle Control system; also known as SSC which makes it easier to achieve car control on the limit, thereby greatly improving greatly improving the driving experience on full blast. Ferrari says that with the SSC’s almost instant-to-instant analysis of the car’s side slip, and at the same time optimising both the torque management via the F1-Trac traction control and torque distribution between the two wheels via the E-Diff electronic differential; it has significantly played a huge role in the Speciale’s development; enabling it to lap the Fiorano circuit in just 1minute 23.5 seconds.


Ferrari also takes pride in mentioning that part and parcel of the car’s development is the specifically designed Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres – a collaboration programme between Ferrari and Michelin conceived during the development of the 458 Speciale.

IMG_1122As of now – Naza Italia has taken 20 bookings for the 458 Speciale before the launch of this Supercar. With first delivery tentatively expected to arrive in mid-2014, the 458 Speciale is now available at an introductory price of RM 1,238,800.00 before duty with a one year waiting list set starting from the moment of booking.

It is undoubtedly the current hottest Supercar in the market and targeted for the more avid drivers. Ferrari made it very clear that the Speciale has been developed to be a more focused car, and definitely a more savage car to drive compared to the Italia. It will reward the ardent track junkies however for it won’t be as ‘daily’ as an Italia. With that said, we’d love to have one anyday!