No, apparently it is not called the Tortilla. This new sports car coming from Mexico actually comes from a company called Mastretta, and the model coming under fire from the Top Gear UK chaps is the MXT. Although they pointed out that the car was too cheap to be true, Mastretta is pretty much alive and still running. And to top it off, their MXT had even gained attention and sales from the U.S.

While the MXT already provides a wonderful package as a lightweight, mid-engined sports car, Mastretta is planning to produce a much more serious machine which includes a racing version. Dubbed as the MXT-R, this new sports car will be making its debut later this week at the 2013 Autosport International motorsport show in the UK, and there is no other stage suitable enough for it to display its worthiness.

For this MXT-R, they will ditch the Ford-sourced Duratec four-cylinder used in the MXT and replace it with a more powerful 2.0-liter EcoBoost that powers the Focus ST. A turbocharger is also strapped in to raise the power figure to the region of 285-horsepower.

Other than having a much more aggressive look and aerokits to improve aerodynamics, the MXT-R is pretty much the same as the previous version, channeling the power from the engine to the rear tires through a five-speed manual transmission. For the time being, the R is still in the final development stages and the one heading to the Autosport International is just the prototype.