The Mazda Furai Concept Burnt to a Crisp, All Thanks to Top Gear UK

The chaps over at Top Gear really know how to make an entertaining and mesmerizing TV series, showcasing multi-million Ringgit worth of supercars from all over. But the grass is not always greener on their side as once in a while, they do have to face the grim reality of how risky it is taking these uber-exotic cars for a spin.

While shooting for their upcoming 20th anniversary issue of the Top Gear magazine, they brought along the impressive Mazda Furai Concept car to be included in the issue. And if you have caught the car in flesh when it was unveiled in 2008, then you are very lucky as the car has now turned into a crisp.

Exactly what went wrong during the shoot, nobody knows for sure for the time being. But one thing that is for sure, the one-off prototype was caught in a fiery blaze and Top Gear admits that it is their fault the Furai no longer exists.

“Forgive us, for we have sinned. Top Gear is responsible for the untimely demise of the quite remarkable Mazda Furai Concept, and we’re very, very sorry”.

The Furai, which translates as the ‘sound of the wind’ was unveiled to the public at the 2008 New York International Auto Show in Detroit. It featured a 20B three-rotor wankel rotary engine with an output of 456-horsepower, mated to a six-speed X-Trac semi-automatic transmission. The car also adorned with the competition number ‘55’, as a tribute to Mazda’s 1991 Le Mans winning 787B.


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    Jeff Sandhu
  • Sep 12, 2013
FYI, it happened in 2008 and the story has been under the wraps since then.. Only now its out in public as it will be a feature story in the magazine for their upcoming 20th anniversary.. As quoted by them "reveals a host of until-now untold secrets" which includes this missing Furai.. Read your sources properly.. :)
  • A
  • Sep 12, 2013
That's the reason a lot of people don't like Top Gears, especially European edition. These guys knows nothing but to wreck havoc all the cars they've coming across, Japanese to Malaysian cars and other countries made as well.... Now we lost a great car which is still in prototype stage. GTFO !!!! Top Gear UK !!!!
  • L
  • Sep 12, 2013
Damnnnnnnnnnnnn. This time should be an accident, the last time those Perodua and Proton was put to shame purposely. Nonetheless, it is still a great show. Haters gotta hate, if u dont like to be mocked, dont be like that.
  • S
  • Sep 12, 2013
here come the top gear uk haters and relating them to the proton and perodua episodes... sources tell that mazda themselves wanted this to be kept secret until now... if it's true that top gear is all to blame then mazda would've sued top gear... stop bashing and keep it to the topic...
  • Y
  • Sep 23, 2013