Aston Martin’s production car lineup is not what you will be associating with green tech, especially when most of them house a massive 6.0-liter V12 engine under the hood. But it is actually possible to turn a gasoline gulper into one that meets the ever-tightening emission regulations, as demonstrated by Bosch onto an Aston Martin DB9.

The German engineering company somehow managed to combine the internal combustion engine with an electric drive system in a ‘through-the-road’ setup, giving the DB9 a hybrid status and 740-horsepower. And since the electric motor will be powering the front wheels, this is also, incidentally, the first all-wheel drive Aston Martin.

There are two electric motors installed on the DB9, one for each front wheel to provide additional drive force. Power is supplied from a lithium-ion battery situated in the rear of the car. Bosch claims that a single charge of the battery could take the DB9 plug-in hybrid through about 26km of electric-only driving.

But that is not the only plus as although the hybrid system bogs down the DB9’s weight to more than 2,000kg, it now has a faster zerotohundred time of 3.7 seconds. For the time being, Bosch has yet to release any gas mileage figures and the car is strictly a prototype.





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