ZTH VAG Club Has First Group Meet!

The date: 4th April 2012, officially marks the launch of’s Volkswagen-Audi Group (VAG) Club that will allow makes from within the group to join in on the fun and games. So as long as you’re driving one of these brands (Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Seat, Bentley and Lamborghini), consider yourself practically a member!

The night started with a total of 35 cars in attendance, consisting predominantly of Volkswagen GTI’s and Audi TTs for the time. The impressive mix saw two Mk5 Golf GTIs, a Mk5 R32, nineteen Mk6 Golf GTIs, two Mk6 Golf TSIs, three Sciroccos, an Eos, a Passat CC, a Jetta and five Audi TTs.

However, the gathering wasn’t just for a mere pleasure cruise for “Zee” VAG Club members, “nein”! It was also to showcase the members’ rides via a photo and video shoot for the night, which will be used for the purpose of public awareness.

The 8pm gathering took place at a Shell petrol station located along Old Klang road, where drivers were briefed by members of the ZTH VAG Club Committee on safety rules before rendezvousing at the R&R along the MEX Highway for a quick photo opportunity. The final destination was Putrajaya’s uniquely constructed bridge.

Upon arrival to the famous Putrajaya bridge, drivers were then briefed on the video shooting procedures and to be split into two teams.

After the shoots on the Putrajaya bridge, the team then proceeded to the mosque (also located in Putrajaya) for more shooting sessions.

By 11.30pm, the photo shoot had concluded and of course, invitations for a quick drink was given to all VAG members to help bond and build relationships. More importantly, it was also to celebrate a successful outing for all, and what better way than to drape them Germans with hotties of the night!

Before scrolling down to witness ZTH VAG Club history in the making, lets all give them a warm welcome; ZTH style!

Photos By: Sherman

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