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JDMs at the TIMETOATTACK 2012 Round 1 (Part 2)

So we had already taken a look at the Hondas and Nissans, and it is now time for the other Japanese track machines to have the spotlight. And since we are at TIMETOATTACK, there are two AWD machines that should not be missed as they had appeared in a many time attack events around the world. Even outside the hail of snow or loose gravel, both Mitsubishi and Subaru is still a great driving machine in the right set of hands, with each having its own advantage.

N1 monsters having a time out before going back into the blazing track.

If some of you might remember, this Evo from across the Causeway took part in the 2010 round. Too bad it decided to just sit back behind the pits for this round. Joining in for Round 2 perhaps?

Miss Evonne; a stripped-out, single-seater, Evo 6. With a simple and clean exterior, it would be a big mistake for one to underestimate this AWD’s looks as this is a dedicated time attack machine, where the interior is left with nothing except what the driver needs.

Aside from these usual faces, other makes were also present in giving out a shot to put their best times. Toyota also made a presence with its famous Hachiroku, which on a side note is a bit awkward seeing it going in a straight line rather than sideways with a cloud of smoke coming out from the rear.

A couple of Altezzas also made it to the tracks,…

…accompanied by this Celica.

And down at the parking lot, of what I thought at first was an old Mustang, sat this vintage sample of evergreen style; a clean and nicely kept first generation Celica. It is impressive of how one could keep and maintain this piece of classic in such a pristine condition.

So now we have two down, and Euros are up next in the line. We will have them up as soon as possible, so please do enjoy these Japanese treats in the mean time!

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awesome post, nice evos
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proud for JDM.
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Evonne The TTA Champion…
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Tom (05-25-2012)
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alwis luv evo’s
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ENG (05-27-2012)
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Evo forever! Hope I will see more wins with evo at the World time attack in Sydney upcoming august!