We at Zerotohundred.com, being avid followers of the WTAC, and coincidentally organizers of the TIMETOATTACK Sepang ourselves, we knew what we’d expect to see at this world event. Nothing but the pinnacle of Time Attack competitiveness and cutting edge lap crunching, downforce generating machines.

The WTAC Pro-Class participants are made up of high-budget privateers and big teams backed by major sponsors with only 1 mission in mind. To set an unbeatable lap record humanly possible, based on a road car. But these cars are no longer uprated daily drivers, instead, they are caged, stripped, shaved, tube framed and bolted with some engines generating well over 1000hp!.

Most cars are now equipped with either home-brewed or Formula inspired aerodynamics, maximizing every ounce of downforce the wind can give, especially because there are no slicks allowed in the WTAC. Semi slick tyres are the only option available, resulting in a circuit event that is not only more mere-mortal relevant but is able to inspire teams and participants in every engineering sense possible.

Take WTAC 2012 Pro Class Champ, Chris Eaton’s EVO 7 for example. Just to give you the tip of the iceberg, it is a 900WHP, everything forged, 2.2L 4G63 engine that is dry sumped and mated to a Maktrak sequential box with paddle shifters. But that’s just the powertrain.

What’s as impressive is the Evo’s body. As you can see from the above picture by Stefan Trajkovski, most of the bodywork is custom carbon fiber moulded, one-off pieces, featuring a one piece, aramid core, dry-carbon gull-wing door that stretches front to rear. Jaw dropping it is, but you’d be pleased to know every bit of the engineering that had gone into the body is aerodynamically tuned by Andrew Brilliant, a renowned aerodynamicist from Yokohama, Japan. More on Nemo Racing’s Evo can be read here: http://www.nemo-racing.com/about

So has all the effort that had gone into this one-in-the-world time attack-only Evo paid off for Nemo Racing? Yes it most definitely did! A staggering 1:25.0200 was clocked, crowning it the champion of WTAC 2012 this year! My effort for making way to Eastern Creek for WTAC has also partly paid itself of with the above picture with Champ, Chris Eaton.

The car above, developed by Chasers Motorworks is owned and driven by 21 year old Malaysian, Alif Hamdan. Much like the recent glory that Datuk Lee Chong Wei has brought back for Malaysia, with a Silver win at the 2012 Olympics, Alif Hamdan managed to clinch 2nd place at the WTAC 2012 Open Class with a 1:33.4840!

So theoretically, other than the Silver medal by Datuk LCW for Badminton and Bronze by Pandelela Rinong for Diving, there is also a Silver for the World Time Attack! Equating 3 medals won by Malaysian sportsmen at an international sporting event for August 2012! Congrats to Alif Hamdan and full feature on him and his Evo to be published soon!

RE Amemiya and their new FD3S RX-7. Setting a new benchmark in Time Attack representation of Show and Go. Despite a Sixth-placing at 1:29.8020 driven by Nobuteru Taniguchi, which itself is an effort to be commended. Sponsored by Drive M7 / M7 Japan in the recent years, this RE Amemiya X Mutiara Motors partnership sure has been beneficial for both.

RE’s theme this year must have something to do with Japanese idea of water, cloud or air or something. They’ve gone with an all-blue theme from the inside out!. Including colour-coded engine bits and pieces. That V-mounted intercooler in blue looks pretty good i must say. How this layer of paint or powdercoat affect cooling remains to be seen.

What have we here in the land down under? A long-lost cousin of our MINI?

Don’t see many of these here, An AE92 Toyota Levin coupe. 38th place in the Open Class, clocking 1:45.7770

Speaking of Aerodynamics, check this EF chassis CRX.

And this front side-winglet on either side of this S13 Silvia by MCA Suspension. The guys who proudly provided Nemo Racing with their bespoke suspension.

Extensive aero wins races? Maybe. As proven by MCA with a 3rd place in Pro Class at 1:27.8080, driven by Bamber. Brilliant effort for a rear-driven car as compared to the AWD Evos in 1st and 2nd place.

Side nose profile of Hankook / Morpowa’s RX-7.

Taking 3rd place in the Open Class, just after Alif Hamdan’s 2nd at 1:34.0910

A Yokohama Advan booth gimmick with their awesome, lightweight front-wheel driven tube-chassis! Dynoed at a massive 1-manpower, at the wheel!

What happened to Cyber Evo this year at WTAC?

This happened! – A race that wasn’t meant to be, Team Cyber Evo initially wanted to retire their Evo since 2011’s win at WTAC but had made a last minute decision to re-enter just March this year. Having confirmed their participation, Cyber Evo then carried out more mods to their Evo, but due to lack of time, they haven’t had much of a shake-down practice either. They then had the Evo shipped to Sydney just hours before the event to also have Haltech finalize their tuning, completely missing Friday’s WTAC Run.

On Sunday, after a series of one-laps, for aero tuning, the Cyber Evo was ready for battle. As legendary time attack driver, Tarzan Yamada was taking the Evo out for its first WTAC Hot-Lap, tragedy struck. The engine rear main seal Evo had popped out of place, due to a blockage of the oil catch tank’s breather line.

The crowds expelled a loud sigh of disappointment as huge cloud of white smoke and stream of oil spewed throughout the circuit rendering it inoperable for a good hour or so. Emergency remedies were carried out by Team Cyber right after, but they just couldn’t make it for a last run. How unfortunate!

Top Fuel also made an appearance this year with their 1030kg 700bhp 2.2 F2oC S2000.

Driven by Nobuteru Taniguchi. Coincidentally taking 6th place for RE Amemiya and 5th for Team Top Fuel Japan in Pro Class, clocking in at 1:29.0520. What a driver!

Gorilla Industries’ Supra

Panspeed’s RX-8 at 13th place in Pro Class with a 1:35.5750

Driven by popular Best Motoring driver, Naoki Hattori-san

Sutton’s S15 looking really good.

Does a good time too at 1:34.2750, claiming 4th place in the Open Class

V-Sport’s EVO X

Taking 5th in the Open Class, at 1:34.3470

Tilton Interior’s Evo 9 takes 2nd place at 1:27.1820  in the Pro Class right after Nemo Racing!

A V8 RX-7

One of the handful of GTR35s

Just look at the Aeros

WTAC official Course Car

Time Attack it may be, is bound to incur traffic at one point or another

Fresh 180

EG 1

EG 2

Top Stage’s Open Class RX-7

Another RX-7 with massive aero

Out from the Pit exit and into the battle

17th Place in the Open Class at 1:37.2230. Evo 7 by PSR Tuning

One of the 2 R32 GTRs by Motul’s ‘Legends Of The Turbo Era for Demo purposes

14th place in the Open Class, at 1:36.9540 is Notaras Motorsport’s Evo 7 driven by Granger

Biting the dust


And Now, the Official World Time Attack 2012 Lap Times:

Pro Class

1 1:25.0200 Nemo Racing (AUS) W. Luff Mitsubishi Evo 9
2 1:27.1820 Tilton Interiors (AUS) G. Walden Mitsubishi Evo 9
3 1:27.8080 MCA Suspension (AUS) E. Bamber Nissan S13
4 1:28.3290 Scorch Racing (JAP) U. Suzuki Nissan S15
5 1:29.0520 Team Top Fuel Voltex (JAP) N. Taniguchi Honda S2000
6 1:29.8020 RE Amemiya (JAP) N. Taniguchi Mazda RX7
7 1:30.7732 Advan Hi Octane Racing (AUS) M. Berry Nissan R34 GTR
8 1:30.8640 Pulse Racing (AUS) S. Glenney Mitsubishi Evo 9
9 1:32.4470 Notaras Motorsport (AUS) R. Bates Mitsubishi Evo 9
10 1:33.4118 Team RevolutioNZ (NZ) J. Winslow Mitsubishi Evo 9
11 1:34.7810 Just Jap ATTKD Select (AUS) M. Kinoshita Nissan R35 GTR
12 1:35.4540 Redbrick Racing (UK) G. Lloyd Mitsubishi Evo 9
13 1:35.5750 PanSpeed (JAP) N. Hattori Mazda RX8
14 1:48.7820 Xspec Motorsport (UK) A. Thompson Subaru WRX
15 NOT RUN Cyber Evo (JAP) E. Yamada Mitsubishi Evo 9
16 NOT RUN Prep’d Motorsport (AUS) W. Luff Lotus Exige GT3

Open Class

1 1:30.7260 Dominator Evo J. Willard Lancer Evo 6
2 1:33.4840 Chasers Motorworks A. Hamdan Mitsubishi Evo 6
3 1:34.0910 Hankook / Morpowa B.Trenwith Mazda RX7
4 1:34.2750 Andrew Sutton A. Sutton /  W. Sutton Nissan S15
5 1:34.3470 V-Sport R. Bates Mitsubishi Evo 10
6 1:34.6620 Hi Octane Racing M. Berry Nissan R32 GTR
7 1:35.1260 101 Motorsport R. Nguyen Honda CRX
8 1:35.4760 Topstage Composites A. Newton Nissan R32 GTS-T
9 1:35.6080 Piazza Doro Espresso N. Kalis Mitsubishi Evo 9
10 1:35.7760 Mick Sigsworth M. Sigsworth Mitsubishi Evo 9
11 1:36.2510 Insight Motorsports J. Boston Honda S2000
12 1:36.7870 BYP Racing B. Tran Honda Civic
13 1:36.8770 Jason Naidoo J. Naidoo Mitsubishi Evo 8
14 1:36.9540 Notaras Motorsport L. Granger Mitsubishi Evo 7
15 1:37.1610 Motive DVD A. Hawkins / J. Boston Nissan S14
16 1:37.1950 Southern Motorworks J. Boston Lotus Exige
17 1:37.2230 PSR Tuning D. Shiu Lancer Evo 7
18 1:37.3140 Allstar Garage / Hippo Creek F. Esterbauer Lancer Evo 9
19 1:37.3560 Autech Engineering J. Wright Subaru WRX
20 1:38.5710 Russell Cunningham R. Cunningham Nissan R32 GTS-T
21 1:39.5530 Croydon Racing Developments D. Hall Nissan R34 GTR
22 1:39.7840 Ultimate Tunes J. Hart Subaru WRX
23 1:39.9370 STZ Automotive M. Horvath Mazda RX7
24 1:39.9390 Mitchell Abrahall M. Abrahall Mazda RX7
25 1:41.1840 Michael Bieshaar J. Boston Honda Civic
26 1:41.8510 Jason Luxon J. Luxon Nissan 180SX
27 1:41.8920 Wright 1 Motorsport J. Wright Subaru WRX
28 1:41.9180 Troy Fraser T. Fraser Nissan S15
29 1:42.0300 Trent Levi S. Podelewski Mazda RX7
30 1:42.2720 Adaptronic R. Shaw Mazda MX5
31 1:42.2860 Bright Print Group C. Burgess Nissan R32 GTR
32 1:42.3970 Tilton Interiors L. Ryall Honda Civic
33 1:42.4080 Drew Blackwell D. Blackwell Mazda RX7
34 1:43.0870 Mark Rundle M. Rundle Mitsubishi Evo 8
35 1:43.2610 Steve Knight Racetech S. Knight Mitsubishi Evo 7
36 1:43.3300 Topstage Composites J. Dorrington Mazda RX7
37 1:43.7870 Pro Concept J. Yick Nissan S15
38 1:45.7770 Andrew Collins A. Collins Toyota Levin
39 1:46.1990 AVO Turbo J. Clements Holden Commodore
40 1:46.2720 Allstar Garage / Hippo Creek G. Simpson Lancer Evo 9
41 1:46.7350 Uber Motorsport A. Quinn Mitsubishi Evo 10
42 1:48.7330 MFactory / Adrian’s Secret Squirrel L. Thio Honda Integra
43 1:50.7648 Bright Print Group A. Burgess Mazda RX-7
44 1:50.9410 Ryan Bestulic R. Bestulic Nissan Pulsar
45 1:51.9220 Euro Automotive S. Najder VW Golf R32
46 1:54.6780 Pulse Racing S. Glenney Subaru WRX
47 NOT RUN Revzone G. Whenn Mitsubishi Evo 2
48 NOT RUN SX Developments J. Anderson Nissan S15
49 NOT RUN Pro Concept T. Kim Lotus Elise
50 NOT RUN Danh Tran D. Tran Nissan R32 GTR
51 NOT RUN Cosmic Performance P. Fuller Subaru WRX

Clubsprint Class

1 1:38.8600 Scorpion AWD N. Scott Subaru WRX
2 1:40.1610 IS Motor Racing / Royal Purple Oils D. Farquhar Lancer Evo 8
3 1:40.2530 Road Track Rally D. Morice Lancer Evo 10
4 1:41.1690 Harrop B. Schoots Corvette Z06
5 1:41.2450 Whiteline Performance M. Tomaszewski Nissan R35 GTR
6 1:42.1130 Hairy Lemon R. Gooley Lancer Evo 6
7 1:42.2610 Fulcrum Suspension S. Faulks Subaru WRX
8 1:42.4110 NA Autosports N. Ashwin Lancer Evo 6
9 1:43.3850 Anton Jones A. Jones Toyota Supra
10 1:45.2240 John Richardson J. Richardson Nissan R33 GTS-T
11 1:45.2950 IS Motor Racing C. Tiqui Lancer Evo 9
12 1:46.0770 Gorilla Industries S. Standley Toyota Supra
13 1:46.5220 Tunehouse Racing N. Halstead Subaru WRX
14 1:47.6730 Pulse Racing N. Adams Nissan R33 GTR
15 1:47.7050 Tunehouse Racing David Lord Subaru WRX
16 1:48.5300 Justin Gaujenieks J. Gaujenieks Lancer Evo 7
17 1:49.1510 Nichols Williams N. Williams Toyota Supra
18 1:49.3490 IS Motor Racing / Bing Lee D. Steinwede Lancer Evo 8
19 1:49.4360 GCG Turbos G. Stewart Subaru WRX
20 1:51.1780 Saba Hanania S. Hanania Mercedes C63
21 1:51.4470 Japlink Motors A. Mckie Lancer Evo 5
22 1:51.9220 Russell Thomas R. Thomas Subaru WRX
23 NOT RUN Scott Stewart S. Stewart Lancer Evo 6
24 NOT RUN Tunehouse Racing F. George Subaru WRX
25 NOT RUN Andrew Richmond A. Richmond Nissan R35 GTR

IMG_8068 IMG_8051 IMG_7531 IMG_7777 IMG_7494 IMG_8015 IMG_8193 IMG_7929 IMG_7971 IMG_7564 IMG_7786 IMG_8016 IMG_8080 IMG_7656 IMG_7824 IMG_7881 IMG_7482 IMG_8017 IMG_8206 IMG_8084 IMG_8198 IMG_7653 IMG_8197 IMG_8186 IMG_8103 IMG_8011 IMG_7416 IMG_7530 IMG_7548 IMG_8063 IMG_8196 IMG_8204 IMG_7902 IMG_8205 IMG_8210 IMG_8102 IMG_8217 IMG_8067 IMG_7800 IMG_8227 IMG_8225 IMG_8062