The modern Aston Martin lineup is pretty simple to memorize as they do not really have a long one. Just remember the V12 bearers like DB9 and the DBS plus the Vantage V8 and you are halfway already. With that, some of the guys at Aston Martin think that maybe they could fit in another model between the DB9 and the DBS, where one might be seen as a bit tame and the DBS is just too harsh. For that, came in the Virage to fit in the picture.

So it was introduced back in February 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show, hoping for a bright and clear future of being picked by those who wanted a Grand Tourer that has the balance between the DB9’s comfort and the DBS’s power. Things however, did not go very well for it.

Of having only spent about 18 months on the market, Aston Martin had decided that the Virage had reached its end of the line and will be replaced by the next-generation DB9 model. Costing about $30,000 more than the DB9 Coupe with only an offering of 20hp more, only about 1,000 Virages were made before this surprising decision was made.

But the spirit of the Virage will live on the next-gen DB9 model which will receive a more aggressive design like how the Virage was, but will be given the edge of a lot more power under the hood. To avoid from intruding the new Vanquish’s market, the new DB9 would not have that much improvement from the old one.


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