BMW to introduce new 2-Series, future 1-Series models to be front-wheel driven

BMW’s marketers really seem to know how to stretch a product line, just compare BMW five years ago to what it is today, the new models are being churned out quicker than you can say ‘BMW 1 Series M Coupe’.

The new M model together with the likes of the X1, X3, X6 and the 5-Series GT are all new additions to the line up, but the buck doesn’t stop there. According to reports online, BMW is developing three new models, including a new 2-Series, as well as an Audi A1-competing Front-Wheel-Drive BMW set to be positioned below the 1-Series.

The report also states that all future 1-Series models will become Front-Wheel-Drive models while the 2-Series would become BMW’s entry level rear-wheel drive model. The 1-Series will be joined with two other FWD models.

Apparently BMW has filed trademark applications in the US for the nameplates 228, 230 and 235, suggesting 6-cylinder engines for the upcoming 2-Series, but considering that BMW’s badging sometimes does not correspond to the engine displacement of the car, you can expect a 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines in future models.

More on this soon.

Source: World Car Fans