TRD now in Malaysia through UMW Toyota

trd-malaysiaMore good news for all. With the recent introduction of official manufacturer tuning products from recognized tuning houses through official distributors similar to Nismo and Impul through Nissan, Abt through VW Cars and so on, Toyota is also moving forward with their up and coming TRD range.

TRD isn’t new in the Malaysian car tuning scene, they’ve long been privately imported through the local car shops. Recognizing the increasing market for performance and aesthetics, UMW Toyota Motor is now aiming to draw younger customers to the brand. (about time)

Through official collaboration with TRD Asia based in Thailand, selected TRD products will be manufactured locally, through OEMs reducing costs, making it much more affordable for Toyota customers. Plus, official Toyota support and warranty on all TRD products really sweetens the deal.


Here are some pictures of both the installation ease as well as the quality of OEM fitment.


A New Vios awaiting its hop-ups




Look who’s around the corner.

Only the TRD Sportivo range will be sold at the mean time. Which have all been tried and tested to withstand the the Southeast Asia harsh conditions. Made with the same high quality standards that is Toyota, they are all given a respectful 3-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

UMW Toyota won’t be offering horsepower products yet though. We’re happy enough to know they’re starting to bring TRD in as OEM so, let’s just give them some time to digest the market and hopefully, they’ll bring everything in real soon.


Toshio Obara – Senior Technical Coordinator and the Vios race car.

As for other TRD relevant news, UMW Toyota and TRD Asia will also be working on a TRD Vios Concept. Flying in TRD Engineers from TRD Asia for the purpose, Vios race cars will soon be a common sight in the local motorsport scene.


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  1. Let me just say 1 thing for Toyota. They are VERY picky on who they pick as an OEM manufacturer. Their QC policy is 3 parts per million. Politics will get you nowhere. i know of one company who’s trying for 1 decade just to try become its OEM manufacturer. So, whoever got the job shud be great. But, lets see if their standard of manufacturing is up to Toyota’s par.

  2. doppel, TRD’s manufacturers are all reputable companies in the automotive industry. What the writer is saying is TRD to be OEM for UMW Toyota. But TRD for a Vios, it’s plain dumb, lose the torsion beam first. More bodykits to add-on to the usual HIDs and GT Wings. Hardcore fans can still can JDM TRD products from Wing Hin, which is obviously, the real deal.

  3. TRD & Toms stuff is also available from Vision Motorsports in Bangsar. Anyway i thought TRD sportivo stuff are like light tuning stuff from TRD. Their hardcore stuff are usually for their sports cars range. Which they have been lacking of lately. The only last sports cars they have with big power nowdays is a Caldina.

    Loose the torsion beam axle? Are you kidding? That is probably the only way to make cheap 1.0-1.5cc cars. And they can;t rework the suspension tyo independant struts and things like that. That cost a lot. They would sure ask you to buy a Corolla.

    Some TRD stuffs are good. Some are not. Many are very high priced. Its not something everybody would spend on. TRD tuning stuff are more expensive compared to Nissan’s Nismo. Other aftermarket brands like HKS, RalliArt blah blah cost cheaper than TRD.

    Looong time ago i saw their radiator cap going for RM380 where a Ralliart & HKS ones cost RM250! for different engines of course. And the air filters cost a little more than K&N. Premium branding brother!!

  4. well i guess now i know the reason alot of Malaysians tend to come over to Thailand to get their stuff…. I’ve did some survey… and quite alot of branded things here cost less then those in Malaysia… Rims…. Bodykits…. Performance parts…. etc… all of them is like 20-30% cheaper….

  5. In Thailand they have different taxation structure for automotive parts. Even the cars are cheaper compared to here. Well can’t say much without blasting our goverment again and again, which is i gone bored knowing how thick faced they are.

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  7. can i put a turbo kit on a 2sz-fe???? it is on a toyota belta/vios/yaris sedan thnks in advance if someone reply

  8. I would like to remap ecu for my camry 2.4 yr 2010
    What do i expect after remapping my ecu ? Horse power torque ?
    and last but not least, how much ?


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