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HPC Sepang, April 2008 Part 2

HPC Track Day Sepang 2008Some more pictures? Here’s the second installment of the recent High Performance Challenge track event. Here’s a short introduction of what HPC is about.

HPC Introduction – Experience Malaysia’s F1 circuit from a driver’s point of view! Ever wanted to know what your car can do? Its limit? Its speed? Ever wonder what your driving skills limits are? Could you control your car in an emergency situation? If it starts to skid? If you had to brake suddenly? If you had to avoid something? Ever dreamt of racing cars but need an introduction to what it would be like? Ever wondered what the experience of driving on a state of the art F1 track is like?

HPC gives you and your car an easy, safe, and affordable way to get on the track with experienced drivers holding your hand with one-on-one instruction to take you to your comfortable limit. Participants are broken up into groups by skills and experience. You set your own goals and go as fast as you feel comfortable going. You can progress as far as you want, even get a competition license.

How? All you need is a safe car and a helmet. All cars from high performance sports cars to the family minivan are welcomed and can be catered to in the HPC format. Who? Anyone wishing to experience the thrill of track driving in a safe and controlled environment may participate.

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  • L
  • Apr 24, 2008
sob..how come dont have my car in action one..:(
  • A
  • Apr 24, 2008
hehhe. bro, dun be so sad.. there were 90 cars per session, and there were 2 sessions.. chances are, not all wud be captured.. which car is yours? next time maybe you'd be lucky and your car would be noticed and captured key? :D
  • P
  • Apr 25, 2008
kudos on the track days. just being curios, wat kind of wear n tear parts i shud be lookin at for these track days ? seems fun but im sure could use some adivse from seniors track day-ers. :")
  • B
  • Apr 25, 2008
anyone has videos?
  • S
  • Apr 25, 2008
here's a video of me driving.

  • M
  • Apr 25, 2008
ni jus want to kno,how do people know when will track-day be held??
can atleast members of ZTH post the day or just put it in site..
im really interested but always miss the date..
  • A
  • Apr 25, 2008
yeah, i believe the admin would take note of the comments and would work out something to announce/promote/inform the members of future events and happenings.. :D
  • E
  • Apr 29, 2008
miss d Xtion HPC at Sepang..