Track biased Viper ACR hates to comply but loves to entertain

Vehicle safety and emissions regulations are pretty tight nowadays. The cars in each segment must comply to certain standards; restricting air released from specific sources at specific timeframes. It leads to things you see in recent years where automakers went turbocharging and/or engine downsizing. The same goes for safety, when designers want their cars to look attractive in …
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Naoki Yokomizo takes the win in the inaugural 2015 KL City Cup Race!

Ready to show that the streets of Kuala Lumpur can be converted into an interesting street circuit, the inaugural 2015 KL City Grand Prix was set to wow the spectators with the first ever KL City Cup race. Somewhat similar to the GT Asia racing series, the KL City Cup features a number of classes …
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Porsche claims the ‘GT3’ moniker, forces Aston Martin to change the Vantage GT3’s name?

A while back, we have featured the all-new Aston Martin Vantage GT3. A hardcore road machine which was basically a street-legal version of the race car, the car was accepted with open arms in the auto community. But apparently, not all parties are pleased with the arrival of this new model that Aston had introduced.
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Asia Festival of Speed GT Asia Round 7, Sepang – Frank Yu Takes The Crown!

Champion Frank Yu in the Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3. Over the weekend, Asian Festival Of Speed (AFOS) brought their series of races to Sepang. Among the races that were held at Sepang was the Lotus Cup, Formula Masters, GT Asia, Audi R8 Cup and the Carrera Cup. For this post, we covered the Malaysian leg …
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The Performante Charity Drive 2012 – 80+ MY and SG Supercars Join Forces in the Name of Charity!

While most of us are able to enjoy living in today’s conditions with some luxury and no worries on getting the basic needs, there are still those who are not that fortunate. Those that work day and night just to get enough money for food or missing out school in order to help out their …
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Pay to Drive for Malaysian Team in NASA 25hr Race in an EP3 or Aston N24

Skipping the Sepang S1000K and looking for a even challenging Endurance race to participate this year? Look no further. Soavos Racing and S&D Motorsports has plans in the pipeline to establish an all-Malaysian Team to conquer NASA’s 25hr Race in Thunderhill, California. Brian Eravelly and Harry Chai who heads Soavos Racing and S&D Motorsports respectively …
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MMER 2012 – The Machines

With the aim of proving that they got what it takes to survive the daunting 12-hour race, the Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race had always attracted numerous participations from racing teams all over. And with these participations, a lot of impressive racing machines showed up with various setups and complex aerodynamics, instantly showing that they really mean …
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Supercars & Exotics @ TIMETOATTACK 2012 Round 2 + Supercar Results!

Tracing from a few years back, Malaysia had suddenly experienced a supercar boom on its roads with a lot of high-end, mega-horsepowered European marquees becoming a choice for the rich and famous. But it is not only the “common” exotics like the Ferrari F430 or anything from the Porsche family line that roams the streets …
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Supercars & Exotics @ TIMETOATTACK 2012 Round 1

Supercars are more than just an icon of speed; they could also serve as a symbol of wealth and accomplishment of an individual. And when one of those costs a minimum of RM1mil+, most prefer to take them out only for a Sunday drive rather than having stone chips on the front bumper or raking …