Which gearbox for FWD Evo 4 AND 4g93t


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Feb 22, 2014
Hey guys I'm new here but over the last 6 months of reading through this forum I have learnt alot of valuable stuff. So first off - Thanks! :)

I have a 96 Lancer which is a FWD chassis. I recently converted from a 1.5 to the 2nd gen (CM5A) 4g93t GSR engine.
The problem is that I need it setup for FWD. I have a Non turbo 4g93 gearbox (f5m421) which I was told would suit my setup. The gearbox bolts up fine but I cannot fit the 4g93t (pretty sure that's what it is) flywheel in the bellhousing.
I can get the standard flywheel to fit but it is stepped and too small in diameter so none of my starters will engage it...

So really I'm asking here if anyone knows either what flywheel/clutch setup I need to make this box work OR a better suited gearbox for my situation.

I am also building an Evo 5 engine in my shed right now, so a gearbox setup that will work with BOTH my 4g93t and my 4g63t would be amazing

Cheers guys. This has had me stumped for quite a while now.. I go back to work from my holiday in a month so it would be great to know what my options are by the time I have money coming my way again :)

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Will a 4g93t gearbox mate up to my Evo 5 engine?

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