Where to do custom made anti roll bar


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Jul 28, 2004
Anyone knows where to make custom made anti roll bar ? The one with with ultraracing is too thick , so i want something thinner.
What is your ride dude? What diameter to you is thick? UR bar got 16mm which is normal and not consider thick.
Yah but the model I want only has 19mm. It's a prius.

Nice ride. My advice is get those reputable brands instead of chap ayam. This is because if the ARB has not gone through a proper design, it might not able to sustain the stress and it might break into pieces. This might endanger urself.
y so susah wanna import? just get the UR bars la the thicker the better.
Already got the 19mm , didn't like it. Felt too stiff and like it jumps over bumps instead of absorbing it.
There's a reason why cusco , TRD, whiteline chose 16mm instead of 19mm.
u can actually custom make it at ultra racing themselves... just contact them about it.

take note the cost will be significantly more.... dont be surprised if it costs the same as the cusco unit iszo posted.

their mass produced items are cheap... custom work are expensive
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