Watch an 800hp Celica take on F1 cars at Goodwood w/video


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Oct 13, 2006

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a celebration of all things automotive and could very well boast some of the most diverse machines to ever tread asphalt. The highlight of the festival has to be the hill climb that sees all that automotive goodness having their god-given right of speed exercised up the 1.86km course.

Current and former Formula One cars are usual suspects up the course and this year, Jenson Button was supposed to have piloted the McLaren MP4-26 Formula One car up but he injured his knee in a jet ski incident and didn’t want to overexert his knee with the Formula One car. So the Brit ended up taking the McLaren MP4-12C up instead.

The winner however will come as quite a surprise. It wasn’t a current or former Formula One car but instead it was a bright orange Toyota Celica, packing over 800hp to all four wheels, rally champion Jonny Milner in the driver’s seat and a weight of 1,051kg. Milner managed to wring the car up in a winning time of 48.07-seconds, whipping out the supercars and Formula One cars as well.

Milner had a bit of a tough time getting the car up, taking out some of the grass along the way with the huge front splitter on his first run, which we have on video here. The winning run hasn’t made its way to the internet yet but hopefully it will in due time.

Motivation for the Celica comes from a 2-liter four-banger that was taken from a WRC Toyota Corolla car. Not stopping at that, a Rotrex supercharger and Garrett turbocharger as well as a nitrous oxide system were added for good measure, resulting in the aforementioned horsepower figures.

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Source: YouTube and Autoblog

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Jun 6, 2011
800hp for a 2L? Awesome!

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