wat should i modified for my satria


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Feb 16, 2005
i just get a 2nd satria...
its a uk edition!!
with airbag so i cant change the steerling..
even its 1.3 engine , but i can took off waja and wira 1.5 auto...
wat is the reason , i oso dunno...
hope you guy can teach me how to modified ...
cause i heard that suspension , absorber , coil spring can make big different ...
can normal absorber help in racing ???
hello...1st of all...how deep is ur pocket n how much u willing 2 spend...hehehe...we can tell u many many stuff 2 upgrade..can take off waja huh...carbie?
changing 2 stiffer lowering spring will aid some cornering...due 2 stiffer spring n lower gravity center...uwhen u mention racing...u mean street o track...if u say track...ur normal absorber...i think ninja iga titaned kancil can take corner faster than tat...if u r talking bout street racing...plz dun...drive safely...think of other n race in track
hahaha... if you mention that word "racing" in here be prepared for some flaming... the word "racing" and "track" comes together... check some previous treads and you'll understand... remember that oh hahaha...

back to topic, if you want good stable rides then go for handling first... ninja_iga's titan is a good choice but prepare some cash in hand. well, basically just like what Yong_5290 said, how deep is you pocket? how far you want you car to go? transplant in your mind?
simple one u can try changing ur underdrive pulley to a lighter one ......can feel the diff in pick up .
throw the engine away lar! :P

1.3 engine cannot make it....hehe...sorry sorry to all the 1.3 pro's....
if you want to use the current engine, TC or SC to gain the huge return for ur investment. Frankly i am now runing my GTi with ems turbo kit upgraded turbo to Garret t 28 ballbearing, with 2.5 inch not cat back exhust system, light weight crank pulley, light weight and adjustable cam pulley, fuel regulator, 32bit unichip with turbo module, boosting at 0.6bar. The great gain in BHP only comes from having a turbo kit and better exhust and ecu.The rest are not really great gain.

As for handling, i am running a evo3 lower arm front and rear with with whitelines arb front and rear, with rallyart and superpro bushing, Tein springs and gab absorber. oh and not forgetting the 4 point front strut bar. for handling wise i would say all the above do contribute to the handling
Originally posted by absolut250@Feb 16 2005, 17:19
Tein springs and gab absorber
bro.. can ask abit on hadling..

how's the feeling of TIEN spring and GAB abs?.. the spring is TEIN s-tech and GAB adjustables?..

i heard both TEIN springs and GAB abs are very2 stiff.. does it makes the ride jumpy on malaysia road.. u know.. malaysian road.. but corners will be great right..? :)
i just bought RG adjustables for quite cheap...but havent installed yet.

anyone has any comments on RG suspension system?

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